Fibersden Casein Knitting Needles


Casein Knitting Needles, Arthritis and Knitting

  • Do arthritic hands keep you from knitting?
  • Are you concerned about the environment?
  • Have you been searching for that perfect knitting tool?

If you can answer one or more of the above three questions with a yes, read on.

Environmentally friendly casein knitting needles brings the love of knitting back to those with arthritis. They are warm and lightweight, will allow you once again to enjoy your favorite pastime without the pain of holding cold heavy needles. You will be able to once again create something for those special people in your life that can not be bought at every store.

Casein knitting needles are made from a biopolymer plastic, which was developed in 1899. What is biopolymer plastic? Modern day plastics are petroleum based, and are toxic. Casein plastic is made from a natural organic protein polymer (skimmed milk) which is non toxic to produce. It is made from the purest edible grade casein (protein of milk), making it biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Please note: these needles may be edible but they taste awful, also it has been known that some pets do like the taste and will have no trouble chomping on your perfect knitting needle.

These needles are warm to the touch, light weight and comfortable to hold. They are a flexable needle but have enough rigidity to give a firm but comfortable tool. Those who have arthritic hands and have a hard time knitting find that they can knit, and knit for longer peiods with these needles. The polished surface of the needle allows the work to slide really well, no more fighting to get the stitiches near the tip. There is no static created while working with them, knitting with hairy yarns (mohair, angora etc) will not be a problem any more. And for those husbands and partners out there that are annoyed with the noise knitting needles make, these needles are virtually quiet, no more click, click, click.

So if you have set knitting aside because of arthritis or you are just looking for the perfect knitting needle to add to your knitting supplies, try casein knitting needles. Casein knitting needles are easy on your hands, the work slides really well and they are biodegradable too. In many cases, once a customer has tried using these wonderful needles, they usually replace all their needles with casein knitting needles. I have been using and selling these needles for over 20 years and just love them.

Fibersden casein knitting needles are available in 3 lengths in the single point--23cm, 30cm and 35cm

Double points are sets of 5, 23cm long